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Inflatable fishing boat technology has improved greatly over the past decade, and has provided saltwater anglers with many great new options.

The mouth of the Chesapeake Bay is renowned for great striped bass fishing, but many anglers may not realize the wealth of trophy grade fish that are also available in the bay's upper region. Here are a few suggestions to help increase your catch in the Upper Bay..

Most flounder gigging takes place at night, and is a very productive method for taking some of the tastiest fish on the southern coast. Here are a few tips to help increase your catch.

Of all the great fishing areas situated along the Gulf Coast, Venice, LA is considered by most veteran saltwater anglers to be near the very top of the list.

There are many ways to fish the surf, and some rigs are better than others for this application. Here are a few of the most popular.

Knowing how to properly throw a cast net gives saltwater anglers a tremendous advantage in making sure that they can have live bait virtually any time they want to catch it.

When you are targeting fish that are located a specific depth in the water column, nothing beats a downrigger for positioning your bait or lure in the right zone to provoke a strike.

In some saltwater fishing circles, deliberately targeting rays and skates is viewed as a waste of time. Although many of these fish are not held in high esteem as table fare, they can still offer a spirited battle that rivals many top gamefish.

No matter where you fish in saltwater, chances are that there is are specific local baitfish that are popular with the anglers in that region. Here are a few of the top choices.

Many of the newer lures designed for fishing saltwater fishing are actually evolved versions of some of the earliest classic styles that were manufactured many decades prior.

Teaching a kid to fish, whether it be in fresh or saltwater, can be a highly rewarding experience with the potential of provide them with a lifetime full of good times and happy memories.

Also known as sablefish, the black cod is a favorite of deep water anglers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, as well as gourmet chefs who regularly prepare upscale cuisine.

The eternal question for marlin anglers: which is best, plastic lures or rigged natural bait. In fact, they can both be even more productive when used in tandem. Here are a few things to consider.

Yellowfin tuna are one of the most valuable food fish on the planet, and come in all sizes; from under 10 pounds to over 400. Here are a few tips on how to successfully target the big boys.

With the rapid growth in popularity of kayak fishing, using a mothership to ferry multiple kayaks offshore adds a new element in the kayak anglers pursuit of big gamefish that are not usually available inshore.

Of all the areas that have a reputation for holding fish, wreck sites are at the top of the list. Here are a few suggestions on how to get the most out of your next wreck fishing trip.

Sometimes, you are not able to eat all of the fish that you actually take. This is when knowing how to properly freeze your catch can help keep them safe and tasty for months.

Although it may seem to be a simple process at first, being able to properly anchor your fishing boat is vitally important. Here’s how to do it.

Often overlooked by traveling saltwater anglers, Puerto Rico offers surprisingly good action for a variety of popular gamefish; and it is all within your reach without the need for a passport.

The lionfish originally came to North America as an ornamental aquarium fish, but after being released in the wild have become an invasive nuisance that now threatens several native fish species. The upside is, they are easy to take and are absolutely delicious!

One of the very best places for serious saltwater anglers to see the latest in innovative fishing product development is at the annual ICAST Convention

Bahía Asunción on northern Baja’s central Pacific coast presents a number of excellent venues for both inshore and offshore fishing. Here are a few suggestions on how to hook up in this somewhat remote angling oasis.

The Atlantic Cod is native to most of the North Atlantic Ocean, and is one of the most popular commercial and recreational fish species in the region. Here are a few tips on how to catch them.

No matter what type of saltwater fishing you plan to do, having the right boat can make all the difference. Here are a few tips on what to look for.

Southeast Alaska has always been a prime fishery for king salmon. Now, the catch limit for non-resident anglers has been expanded. Learn more about these new regulations.

Homeguard ‘mossback’ yellowtail are a prime target species along the coasts of Baja and southern California, and offer a formidable battle that will challenge even the most experienced saltwater angler.

Gag grouper are one of the most popular target species on the southeast and Gulf coasts. Once threatened, this valuable resource has now rebounded after enhanced management efforts. Here are a few tips on how to catch them.

The primary advantage of fishing from a kayak is having the ability to cover the inshore zone for a much wider variety of species in areas that may be virtually unattainable by those who are land based. Here are a few suggestions on how to select the right one.

All big dogs start out as a little puppy, and the same is true when it comes to red drum. Fishing for puppy drum along the central Atlantic coast can be almost as much fun as catching a single big red. Here’s how to do it.

Bahia San Quintin in Baja California Norte has consistently attracted a large number of anglers during the winter months because of its reputation as an excellent venue for productive bottom fishing.

Pound for pound, the jack crevalle puts on one of the most spirited battles offered up by just about any other kind of gamefish. They range in size from 1 to 50 pounds, and can be a challenge to saltwater anglers of all ages.

Lead fishing weights have been used by anglers for well over a century, but only recently have the negative ecological consequences become fully understood. Here are a few alternatives.

Fishing piers are one place where anglers of all skill levels can have fun together, but for beginners they are perhaps one of the best places to learn how to perfect their fishing skills. Here are a few suggestions.

Found In tropical and subtropical waters worldwide, the African pompano is a highly respected gamefish that can be caught from the mid-Atlantic down through the Gulf of Mexico and Baja California Sur.

South Padre Island is an angler’s paradise no matter whether you are fishing inshore, offshore, or simply wading or fishing the surf. Here are 10 top fishing spots for land based angles.

Atlantic black sea bass may not grow up to be huge bruisers, but in spite of their relatively small size, they are still very much a gamefish. Coveted by onshore and inshore anglers from Maine to Florida, they are also great eating.

The cabezon is a primitive looking bottom dweller that can be hard to see until it darts out of its rocky home to grab your bait. A longtime favorite of onshore and inshore anglers on the west coast, it is also highly prized as table fare.

Located off the Florida’s eastern coast near the Indian River, the Mosquito Lagoon has built a reputation of being a first class fishery for redfish as well as spotted trout. Here are a few tips to help make your next trip there even more productive.

When it comes to saltwater sportfishing, most anglers have their favorites and worldwide, certain particular species are at the head of the list. Here are the Top 10.

Saltwater fishing rods come in a variety of styles to accommodate specific types of fishing. When going after big saltwater gamefish, having a quality trolling rod onboard can spell the difference between success and failure. Here is how to select the one that fits you best.

Many anglers may think of the Baja peninsula as a single entity, yet it is actually divided into two separate states. While the southern state of Baja Sur is renowned for world class billfish and big tuna, the Pacific and Cortez coasts of Baja Norte offer their own impressive array of fishing opportunities.

Rather than employing only one gear to retrieve your line at a given speed, a 2-speed reel offers both a “high” and “low” gear, which gives saltwater anglers a lot more muscle to bring big gamefish to the boat. Here are a few suggestion to select the right one for you.

King mackerel are one of the most popular members of their family among saltwater anglers on the Eastern Seaboard. Sometimes referred to as kingfish, these tough and toothy predators can be a real challenge to hook and land. Here are a few suggestions on how to do it successfully.

In addition to hundreds of species of ornamental tropical fish, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef also features some of the finest sportfishing opportunities on the planet.

Kite fishing offers offshore anglers an opportunity to catch more and bigger fish when the bite is touchy. Learn more about this innovative technique.

Pompano can be found in the western Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina down the Atlantic Coast to Florida and through the Gulf of Mexico. They are a favorite target species of onshore and inshore anglers during the warmer months of the year. Here are a few ways to improve your catch.

Unlike their cousins, the huge Atlantic bluefin that grow to nearly 1,000 pounds and have been featured on popular television fishing shows, the smaller Pacific bluefin tuna is no less valuable. Here are a few suggestions on how to catch them.

El Niño is an increasingly common weather condition along the coast of the Americas in the Eastern Pacific. While one can cause havoc off south America, it can simultaneously improve offshore fishing in southern California and Baja. Learn how one can affect your angling success.

In the days before the development of downriggers, most saltwater anglers fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest used a simple, basic drift fishing technique known as mooching. Here are a few tips on how to perfect this time tested method.

Not considered as glamorous as its cousin, the red drum, the black drum is still widely targeted by saltwater anglers from Nova Scotia all the way south into the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some suggestions for increasing your catch.